First, An Introduction

Every story has a beginning. For my software development journey, it started when I first used Linux 5 years ago.

I’d just started using Ubuntu, and was excited to have such an interesting free-of-charge operating system. However, I saw a few gaps in what I wanted vs. what was available as far as programs were concerned.

I’d noticed that many programs for Linux were written in Python, and many people suggested it to newbies for it’s easy syntax. So, I hopped online and started looking up some reference material to get started. My first stop was, which contained a lot of tutorials, references, documentation…the whole nine yards. However, at the time I was pretty young and still quite immature. The material seemed a bit long, so I gave up after a few weeks. I was looking for an easy way out, and honestly thought I wasn’t smart enough to handle all that new information.

Fast forward a few years, and I’m at Techskills, studying Windows Server 2008 R2 till I was blue in the face. I was looking to becoming a Systems Administrator, fed by my love for technology. During that course, there was a section on PowerShell. All my teachers suggested I learn more than what was in the material (it wasn’t very in-depth), because it would benefit me greatly in my sys admin duties. I took a shot at it, but it was just hard enough that I quit on it as well, thinking the commands were too long and complex for me to remember or do anything with. I’d even thought at one point that I could learn a little bit of VBScript and keep up on my CMD commands to completely ignore PowerShell. So, I did just that.

MSDN’s VBScript Library and W3School’s Tutorials gave me enough information to write a few scripts for some simple functions, such as remotely shutting down all PC’s in my domain. This little bit of creativity excited me, and sparked a yearning in me to create even more. I didn’t know where to start, but knew I needed some help if I were to overcome my fears and learn enough to do any good. I ended up finding what I was looking for, but I’ll leave that for next week’s post, before this becomes a TL:DR.

Thanks for reading!


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