First Days As A Developer…Kinda

Hello All,

As some of you who may know, either from my previous post or from speaking to me in person, I am now working with Improving Enterprises. Thus far, it’s been an enjoyable experience, full of learning and a pretty good amount of fun. Honestly, I was hoping to make this change sometime before or after Jen and I had our daughter. The reason, as you all may know, is that babies don’t allow for long lengths of sleeping or peaceful silence. This can make other scenarios (like changing careers and starting at a new company) a bit more challenging. However, with the help of God (to keep me patient, calm, full of gladness and focused on what’s important), my wife (to keep me sleeping and laughing, supporting me all the way, and having some occasional fun) and friends (to give us a break every once in awhile), I’ve been doing pretty well. To pay back some of that kindness, I’ve forced Jen out for a few hours to go have fun with friends while I watch the kids. Thankfully, it’s nap time, so I’m blogging 🙂

Moving back onto topic, I’ve been positioned at a really great company called IGS Energy. They’re a gas and electricity supplier, among other things, which you can find out at these links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Currently, I’m performing testing and QA work for them at the moment. Even though this isn’t exactly what I was expecting when moving over to Improving, I feel this is the best move for my scenario. The reasons I think so are as follows:

1.) I’m working on an Agile team. This is something new to me, so I can become accustomed to standups, 3 Amigos, quick releases, extensive communication and all the stuff that comes along with it.
2.) I’m working on an actual team. This is quite different, since my last job wasn’t exclusively development, and I didn’t exactly have a team to work with. It was just me and my boss, so getting acquainted with relying on multiple people and keeping up with communication is something that I’m glad to be getting re-accustomed to.
3.) Testing. Even though this was a part of my development experience thus far, it’s always a good thing to grow in your testing skills. Having a mentality of keeping everything of good quality will only help to bolster my development career.
4.) More time to grow. Considering my newness to the field, it would only benefit me and the first team I work on for me to learn and grow as much as I can. Thankfully, the group at IGS has been willing to answer my questions and help me out thus far, making my growth much easier.

On top of these reasons, I’m also spending time doing development on the side, which is satisfying my dev itch. I’m currently working on a Windows Phone game (will probably go cross-platform with it at some point) that I started during the last WinDevUG meeting I went to and working on Guy Royse‘s vending machine kata, which I started at the last CbusJS meeting with Greg Malcolm.

All in all, I’m happy with the way things are going, and excited to see where things go.

Well, the kids are up, and it’s time for dinner. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “First Days As A Developer…Kinda

    • Michael Bowman says:

      I definitely agree that any and all of those do count as contributions, and I’m fine with doing them.

      I briefly looked at the site, and it looks promising. Thanks for the advice!

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