Make Moves Or Make Excuses

Dia duit gach duine,

On my last post, I’d talked about some open-source projects that I wanted to get involved in to help the community and my career. As I was discussing this with Nick Hunter, another employee from Improving Enterprises, he came up with the idea to do a project together. Considering Nick’s a pretty awesome guy, and it’s much easier for me to learn when I have someone to work together with, I agreed. We came up with an idea that the community could benefit from, and would give us an opportunity to learn and grow while we build it.

Both of us have done a pretty good amount of code katas, and noticed that there weren’t very many sites that housed a myriad of katas or allowed for much community input. It’s also sometimes difficult to find a central repository of tech interview questions to study and practice answering for upcoming interviews. These have a pretty good connection to each other, as they’re both useful for advancing careers. So, we decided to put them into the same site, as well as a forum that allows for community input.

After laying out this idea, we ended up finding Codewars, a site dedicated to gamification of code katas and a community forum used for help and also so users can add their own katas. For most, this wouldn’t seem like a big deal. This is important to me, however, because I like doing things that haven’t already been done, in hopes that I wouldn’t fix a problem that was already solved before. With that in mind, we’re going to focus on languages that they don’t have available/aren’t planning on doing. Also, the tech interview aspect is different as well. So far, this is as far as we’re willing to plan, trying to keep it relatively simple at first.

I also have another idea that I plan on doing after this first project gets moving. I want to work on my first SPA, utilizing AngularJS and Bootstrap. This SPA will collect and display videos and blog posts via RSS that are created by Christian leaders I listen to, such as John Piper, Ravi Zacharias and R.C. Sproul. This, as you may guess, is a completely personal project that I don’t plan on trying to convince anyone to join me on, although I would accept volunteers if someone were so inclined. Also, because of my newness to Angular and SPAs, I’m not even sure this combination of technologies is possible, but will try to think my way through it and change anything problematic as it presents itself.

On top of everything else, this may seem like a lot of work. By all means, IT IS. However, a wise man once said there’s two choices when you do something: make moves or make excuses. I’d rather not waste my time with excuses, so I’m going to grit my teeth and pound it out.

Many thanks to those of you that have offered help and advice to me as of late. I really appreciate it, and hope to return the favor one day 🙂

Go raibh maith agat le haghaidh léamh
(For anyone interested, I’m doing my greeting and salutation in the native language of my and my wife’s ancestors. Last time was German (mine) and this time is Irish (my wife’s). Considering I’m quite the mutt, I should have enough languages to do this for awhile :P)


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