Hallo allemaal,

After going through a couple iterations, I felt it was time to update on how things are going with the agile family techniques I wrote about a couple posts ago.

In our first iteration, we had all the chores put up on each person’s name, with the exception of a couple that just couldn’t fit on our tiny board. This gave us an adverse effect of being overwhelmed by how much we had to do (16 tasks spread across 2 adults working full-time and a 5 year old…yikes!). Even though I made it apparent that all the things on the board didn’t need to be done, we had an immediate response of thinking it was an uphill battle. That in turn demoralized us a bit, so not much changed in the first iteration compared to before we implemented this system.


In the retro, we made a point to draw only a certain amount and put it in our lanes. I felt that this would still give us a good idea of what to do without overwhelming us. Also, we made it a point to try to get at least one thing done each day, even if the task didn’t get completely finished. That way, by the end of the week, at least some progress would be made and we would feel a sense of accomplishment, driving us to do more.


The second planning certainly felt like it went better, as we were able to randomly pick our activities. Considering Mikey is only 5, we felt he was at an unfair advantage, so he randomly picked one task, while Jen and I picked two each. We did two rounds of this, and put the rest in the backlog. We did notice, however, that some very important tasks ended up going into the backlog, like shopping and dishes. These couldn’t wait, so we decided that when we noticed these things needed to be done, we would discuss who had the bandwidth to take care of it, and then assign them that task.

The second iteration went considerably smoother. Quite a few tasks were done, collaboration was higher, and Mikey was even asking about when we could start doing the tasks that we were supposed to help him with. However, our schedules did get in the way a bit, and there was a night or two where we didn’t feel like doing anything.

Both of those things were brought up in the retro, and we moved on.

Now going into our third iteration, I feel like we got off on the right foot. Many tasks were already done today, and my family’s dedication to the system is showing well. Overall, I’m quite happy with the results, and I hope it only gets better.

Bedankt voor het lezen!
(I’m supposedly Dutch as well. One day I’ll have to do some ancestry research to double check all these…I’ve only got word of mouth to go on for some of these thus far.)


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