Agile Family Update #2

Hello everyone,

After going through multiple iterations, I have to say I really love this system. More things are getting done, morale is up, responsibility is being taken, and communication is high.

Since the last update, we’ve made a few changes. One thing that we’ve done to make things simpler is to take smaller tasks and blend them into other tasks to make the list of tasks seem less daunting. An example is: our laundry room is in the basement, and we had a task on our board for both the laundry and the basement. Solution: make them the same task, so when someone goes down to do laundry, pick up a few things in the basement.

Another thing we’ve changed concerns the backlog. For the most part, no one wanted to touch it. To make it easier, and give us enough time to complete the tasks in our own lane, we agreed to tackle those tasks together. That way, it gets knocked out quickly, and no one feels over-worked.

Also, Mikey was constantly asking us what he should do next. This system has kept him pretty motivated for the most part, and he usually knocks out his tasks quickly. Considering he had some extra bandwidth, we gave him one more drawing, so his total tasks for each week are up to 3, while ours are at 4, with a backlog of 2.

Then there’s the last item we changed: shopping. To be honest, I don’t really like shopping, although I’d do it under ideal circumstances. However, we’ve been shopping at cheaper stores that seem to have not-very-nice customers, and are generally more crowded. Being a larger man, I seem to have issues running into people while in crowds, which angers people. Not wanting to ‘throw down’ in a store over an accidental shoulder charge, this task has been permanently given to Jen.

Well, that’s all the changes we’ve made recently. I’ll post again if there’s any new developments in the future.

Thanks for reading!


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