Looking From Both Sides

Hello everyone,

I’m sure pretty much all of you have followed #GamerGate at this point, and may have seen some good conversations along with some pretty outrageous ones. With one of my previous posts talking about inequality, and witnessing inequality myself, I was initially inclined to immediately take the side of those who were screaming “INEQUALITY!”. However, I’ve learned in the past to look at both sides of conversations, as I am aware that people are capable of not being completely honest or overreacting, regardless of what side of the conversation they’re on. So, I kept my reservations until I was able to see both sides. This is when I saw this:

I initially was brought to this video after I read this:

After seeing both sides, I’ve come to a conclusion that I’ll reserve, mostly because people can be very unreasonable when they’re anonymous (as I’ve learned with my time gaming, on Youtube (especially comments) and doing tech support). I’ve shown my stance in my actions and on this blog, and hope that people will not blindly trust anything from either side of a conversation, but yet do research to ensure we focus our energy in the right places.

Thanks for reading!


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