A Frank Opinion of How Geeks Can Do Better

Pop Culture Uncovered

By Aitch Cee

Before I get started, this entry comes as a result of not only the backlash that Kira Markeljc received for doing a costume, but the greater backlash that people taking offense to it got for voicing their opinion. Kira and I had a nice and pleasant chat via Facebook. She expressed that she was not aware that what she did could be perceived as offensive and she did not know about black face. I am inclined to believe her. As of now she wants the focus to be taken off of her, which is fair.

In my opinion, this conversation about blackface, racism, cultural sensitivity and the many discussions that I have had with others is much less about Kira and more about how we as a people are willing (or not) to come to the table and listen to issues that affects us. Honestly, I am…

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