Since my elementary days, I’ve been curiously interested in video games and technology in general. As the years blew by, this interest only became stronger, turning into a dedicated passion. After encountering the great developer community here in Columbus, I became enamored with software development, and haven’t stopped learning and doing it since.

I’m a man of dedication and honesty, with strong passions and a yearning to do all things correctly and thoroughly. I believe in doing things to the fullest because that’s simply the right thing to do. I love to learn, and in turn, teach others.

Even though I’m well-versed in technological lingo, I can get on other people’s levels and speak plain English. I stress to people to never hesitate to ask me a question, because I work hard to be as easily approachable and understandable as possible.

Work and play are generally very separate for me, so that I can get things done to the fullest, and then go relax and have a good time to the fullest as well.

Thank you for your time and patience, and I hope that I’ll be of great assistance to you!



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