Love Works Pt. 3

Hello everyone,

The other day was the ‘first’ Equality User Group meeting. I place it in quotes because it was the first one scheduled, but I was the only one to show. This is a curious situation I find myself in, where I believe this is what people want (namely someone to learn development from and get their foot in the door), but yet I haven’t seen any significant interest. This may be due to poor advertisement, which I’ll admit that I’m not good at in any decent capacity. However, I feel that the amount of advertisement I’ve done did get the word out to a few hundred people, and surely one of them would want to appear, right?

With that consideration, I wondered if there were other possible sources of impedance. Perhaps the location of the group is too far from those who wish to attend? Maybe the timing was too close to rush hour? Or maybe Thursdays are very busy for many people? I know personally that it was pretty hard to get there that night due to traffic, and usually my weeknights are booked with other activities, so I’m keeping these things in mind.

Then, introspectively, I wondered, “If I were in the shoes of someone else, would I be comfortable learning from me?”. Perhaps I haven’t proven myself a worthy teacher just yet. I’m still considered a ‘junior developer’ myself, so there may not be much confidence in my ability to teach. Although I thought it very important to jump right in and start teaching regardless of my skill level, this may be a hindrance.

So, my plan as of right now is to work on a few things. For starters, I’m going to boost advertisement through improving the social presence of the group (I would appreciate a volunteer to design a logo). I’m even considering making and passing out cards, but will have to mull over the specifics a bit more. I would do well to take some time to learn and pursue other avenues of teaching to level up a bit. I was considering bringing in a volunteer teacher, but considering the lack of attendance, I’d rather not waste their time until attendance is more guaranteed.

For now, I’ll be putting a pause on the group, until the time is right to bring it back. I would greatly appreciate feedback and assistance on any and all of these things, if any of you would be so gracious to do so.

Thanks for reading!


Current Status: Busy

Hello everyone,

Last week, I had every intention of writing a post. This week, I have that same intention. Sadly, I was not able to do so last week, and probably won’t be able to this week. The reason for that is I’ve taken on a lot of things lately.

First, I’ve started going back to the #DowntownDevBC here in Columbus, and have a book to read along with that. Second, for reasons that I will not go public about just yet, I’ve been attending just about every user group and conference I possibly can. Third, I’ve been arranging talks for sessions at CodeMash and Columbus Code Camp. Fourth, my mentor and friend Matt Groves and I decided to change up our mentoring system to more closely follow Calvin Allen and Seth Petry-Johnson’s system. It has a bit more involvement and homework involved, so that’s one other thing I’ve been working on. Fifth, I’ve got another app project that I’ve started with fellow Improver Jonathan Hammond, along with the other project that I was already working on with Nick Hunter.

Sixth, my family and I decided to become members at our local church that we started attending after we moved into our house (Broadman Baptist Church is the name, for any who are interested). With that, we’ve been volunteering our time and effort towards teaching and setting up events. Seventh, we have a men’s group that meets up on Tuesday nights at a local restaurant. We’ve decided to start reading a book, so I’ve got something else to read now (a J.I. Packer book, for anyone who’s interested).

Eighth, I’ve started to regularly organize/host a game night at my house called #GamesAndGrub, which is a ton of fun, but does take up some time and effort to keep it going. Ninth, I’ve been organizing a family reunion that will be happening soon. And finally, tenth, I’m still doing all the stuff I was doing before, like being a father, husband, full-time worker and hobbyist ocarina player.

Needless to say, my time is a bit full right now. I hope to get a good post in this coming week after a couple of these things pass and I get some free time in. Either way, I hope all is going well with you all, and as always…

Thanks for reading!

Update: the parts that we implemented in our mentoring system was the concept of homework and of having lunch at least once a month. This will help me to focus where I need to learn and grow, and give Matt a good opportunity to figure out what I know and what to review.