Is it possible to be genuine and professional?

Going off my usual topic, I want to talk about some soft skills. Specifically, can someone be genuine or “real” while still being considered professional?

I bring up this topic because I’m at an impasse. I’m convinced that I should be completely honest with both my words and my actions. It doesn’t seem right to me to “fake it ’till I make it” or smile even when I’m not happy. I don’t find it to be beneficial to “let things roll off my back”. If something’s really important, I want to actually understand and truly believe in it’s importance, so then I won’t have to fake it. I feel that I should be heard and something should be done about things that make me unhappy so that I have a real reason to smile. I’d rather work on problematic situations instead of ignoring them.

However, these are all the answers that I seem to keep getting from professionals and bosses over the years. Also through the years, I keep getting backlash about wanting to be genuine. Wanting to work on problems and come to better solutions. Wanting to be truly happy and smile. It seems awfully weird to me that so many professionals see these things as unproductive and much less beneficial than just keeping your mouth shut except to pull off a fake smile.

Maybe I’m not understanding their point of view. Here’s where I hope you readers come in. Please leave a comment below or tweet me your input on this.